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Moy Yuan

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Embarking on my second year as a PhD candidate in Computer Science, I am conducting intricate research at the prestigious Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge. A valued member of Trinity Hall, my primary focus lies on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the core of my interest is the profound question: How can machines reason, if at all possible?

To explore this question, my research is currently geared towards creating connections between unstructured data, like text, and structured data, such as knowledge graphs. This strategic approach aims to address some of the intrinsic limitations of large language models, with the aspiration to enhance machine reasoning capabilities. I also hold a deep interest in reasoning tasks like natural language inference, fact-checking, and common sense reasoning.

I am fortunate to work under the guidance of Andreas Vlachos in the dynamic Natural Language and Information Processing Research Group. My research is generously supported by grants from the innovative ERC project AVERiTeC, which enables me to pursue my academic endeavors. Additionally, I am honored to receive funds and scholarships from Trinity Hall, further enhancing my research and educational pursuits.

In addition to my dedicated research pursuits, I have developed a profound interest in the realm of entrepreneurship. I am privileged to have been selected to participate in the esteemed EnterpriseTECH program at Cambridge Judge Business School, a renowned platform for honing entrepreneurial skills. This opportunity, generously supported by the Trinity Hall Entrepreneurs Network, has enabled me to effectively integrate my academic acumen with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.

Prior to my PhD pursuits, I built a strong foundation at the University of Edinburgh working closely with Shay Cohen, contributing to research at respected institutions like EdinburghNLP and A*STAR.

While I’m usually referred to as Moy, feel free to address me as Zhangdie or 袁张嵽1.

  1. The concluding character 嵽 was derived from a famous poem, 自京赴奉先县咏怀五百字, penned by Du Fu (杜甫). This character represents a towering mountain. ↩︎